St Charbel heals Eman from a rare illness and chronic pain in Egypt. 

Eman is from Egypt and is married with three children, two boys and one girl. Eman had a big operation thirteen years ago to cure her from a rare illness but the operation was not successful so she carried out a few more operation to remove her rare illness but still has no success. As a result from the numerous unsuccessful operations she developed chronic pain.

The doctors gave her medicine, injections and morphine for her to take in the morning, midday and night to relieve her from her rare illness and chronic pain. The doctors advised Eman if she stopped taking her medicine, injections and morphine she will become more sick and she will eventually die.

Eman’s friend visited Eman regularly and witnessed Eman suffering greatly and she encouraged Eman to pray to St Charbel to heal her from her rare illness and chronic pain. Eman listened to her friend and she began to pray to St Charbel to heal her even though Eman had never heard, seen or visited St Charbel in her entire life.

Eman then started to research and read more about St Charbel’s history, miracles and life and she loved and admired St Charbel’s strong faith, commitment and loyalty to Jesus, Mother Mary and the Eucharist. The more she prayed and read about St Charbel the more confident she was that St Charbel was going to heal her.

One night before Eman went to sleep, she prayed with all her heart and soul to St Charbel to heal her from the rear illness and chronic pain so she can live a normal life, to serve her family more better and to stop taking medicine, injections and morphine which was a financial burden on her family.

After her prayers to St Charbel, Eman went sleep and her dream she heard St Charbel’s voice saying to her that her faith in God and him has healed her and he will remove her rare illness and chronic pain from her body.

In the morning Eman’s children walked into her bedroom and they saw her very white and pale and they thought she was about to die. Her Children shouted, “Mum are you dying!!”. Eman responded excitedly, “No No I’m more healthier than ever before because St Charbel has healed me from rare illness and chronic pain and I do not need to take any more medicine, injections and morphine”. Eman’s miracle spread very quickly amongst her relatives and friends and they were so happy and joyful by her quick recovery after so many years of suffering.

Eman went to see her doctor to carry out medical tests and examinations to confirm her healing from St Charbel. To the doctor’s surprise and astonishment the results from the medical tests indicated that Eman’s rare illness and chronic pain which she had suffered for thirteen years had disappeared and she was very healthy. The doctors also said to Eman that she does not need to take anymore medicine, injections and morphine.

Eman then travelled to Lebanon to visit St Charbel’s tomb at St Maroun’s Monastery in Annaya, Mount Lebanon to say thankyou for listening to her prayers and healing her rare illness and chronic pain. While Eman was at the monastery she registered her miracle with the Superior Monk and she was over joyed to see St Charbel tomb in real life.