St Charbel heals Milan a Muslim girl from cancer from Syria.

Milan is a three year old sunni muslim girl who lived in Damascus, Syria. Milan’s family arrived in Lebanon recently as refugees from Damascus during the Syrian civil war which has been destroying Syria for more than four years.

Milan had a fallen ill to cancer which was noticed during her second birthday and was immediately taken to her doctor for tests, examinations and operation. During the operation Milan was also attacked by a very serious and rare virus which was as deadly as her cancer. After the operation the doctor prescribed Milan with very powerful medicine but it did not make her feel better but instead made her more sick.

So Milan’s parents decided to stop all the treatments and medicine because it was making Milan mentally and physically sick. Milan’s mother then prayed to St Charbel to heal her daughter because she heard of St Charbel’s miracles he had performed on the sick, disabled and dying people. St Charbel listened to Milan’s mother prayer and rewarded her for her faith in him and God.

The following interview with Milan and her mother was reported and documented by a Lebanese TV news channel. We have translated the interview from Arabic to English so viewers around the world can understand the miracle of Milan by St Charbel.

Interviewer: You emigrated from Syria to Lebanon to escape the war and terror of Islamic State to search for peace and security. Also your daughter Milan had a rare and deadly cancer which was noticed when she was blowing out her candles on her second birthday.

Milan’s Mother: Yes we came from Syria to Lebanon to escape Islamic State and to find peace and stability. Milan’s cancer is very rare because it disappears and reappears regularly and each time it returns, it grows stronger and bigger and threatens to kill Milan. During the operation when the doctors were removing Milan’s cancer she was hit by a dangerous virus called CNP which is as deadly as her cancer. After the operation Milan took very powerful medicine but the cancer and virus did not reduce but instead became more worse. So my husband and I reached a decision to take Milan out of hospital and place Milan in God and St Charbel hands.

Speaker: So Milan suffered for a long period of time and she experienced so much pain but the faith of you and your husband in God and St Charbel saved her.

Milan’s Mother: Yes that’s right. I took Milan on a pilgrimage to St Charbel’s Church in Zahle, Lebanon. Once we arrived at St Charbel’s Church we prayed very hard with all our heart and soul for the healing of Milan so she can return to good health and happiness. The next day after our pilgrimage to St Charbel’s Church, we went to the doctor for a test and examination to see if the cancer and virus was still in Milan’s body. Once the results of the tests and examinations came back, the doctor could not believe what he saw in the reports. The doctor excitedly told us that the test results were negative and Milan had no more cancer or virus in her body. St Charbel listened to our prayers and provided us with a miracle.

Speaker: So St Charbel took care of your family and defeated the cancer and virus of Milan.

Milan’s Mother: Yes that is correct. It was 8pm on our way back home from the doctor’s office, Milan had fallen asleep in the car. When Milan woke up she said to my husband and I, “Today, St Charbel came to see me in my dream”

Milan: “St Charbel said to me: I prayed to God to heal you and He agreed and he gave me water to heal you”.

Speaker: So the relationship between Milan and St Charbel is an extraordinary one, were St Charbel is a good friend of Milan in happy and sad times.

Milan’s Mother: Whenever Milan is sad she holds her St Charbel’s photo and then starts to talk to him. When Milan starts talking to the photo of St Charbel, I do not know or understand what she is saying to him. It’s like they have a special language which only they can understand.

Milan: I love St Charbel so much !!