St Charbel heals Tony Sweid from severe abdominal pain in Bekaa Kafra, North Lebanon

Tony Sweid was born in the village of Hasroun, North Lebanon but he now lives in the coastal town of Chekka, North Lebanon.

Tony was born fit, strong and healthy and enjoyed his life with family and friends in Lebanon. However this all changed when Tony started to experience severe abdominal pain for seventeen years which has affected him in every aspect of his life.

Tony’s visited many doctors and hospitals to reduce and stop the abdominal pain but he had no success in removing the pain and he continued to suffer greatly. Despite all Tony’s pain and anguish, he did not stop praying because he has strong faith in St Charbel to heal him from his terrible pain and suffering.

On the 25th of April, Tony decided to walk from his house in Chekka, North Lebanon to the birthplace and family house of St Charbel in Bekaa Kafra, North Lebanon. The walk is approximately 40km and takes around 10 hours to walk up the steep mountain. Chekka is a coastal town which is located next to the Mediterranean Sea while the village of Bekaa Kafra is located in the mountains and is the highest village in all of Lebanon and the Middle East.

After the long and tough walk up the steep mountain, Tony finally arrived at St Charbel’s birthplace and family house in Bekaa Kafra, North Lebanon. Tony then started to pray to St Charbel with all his heart to heal him from his severe abdominal pain he has been suffering and experiencing for seventeen years.

While Tony was praying with all his heart, St Charbel listened and answered his prayers and completely healed Tony from his severe abdominal pain and suffering. St Charbel also imprinted the sign of the cross on Tony’s stomach so people can see and believe Tony’s miraculous healing which was a direct result of his continuous prayer and faith in St Charbel. Tony thanked St Charbel greatly for listening to his prayers and now lives a healthy and happy life with his family and friends.