St Charbel heals Christian Charbel kaouk from severe disability in Canada.

Christian went to the doctor’s to carry out routine medical tests and examinations and the results indicated that Christian had a benign tumour. The doctor’s advised Christian to undergo an operation to remove the benign tumour which Christian agreed and the operation was carried out and the benign tumour was removed. However after the operation the doctor immediately intubated Christian to help him breathe without checking if Christian had pneumonia or any other illnesses. As a result of the doctor’s mistake, Christian had a lack of oxygen in three different places in his brain and became severely disabled.

Christian’s parents were shocked by the news that their son was severely disabled due to the doctor’s mistake, but they never lost hope and they prayed and made a novena to St Charbel to heal their son. On the ninth day of the St Charbel novena, Christian’s Father begged and pleaded to St Charbel to heal Christian from his severe disability and then all of a sudden Christian’s Father heard a whisper in his ear by St Charbel but he did not understand what St Charbel was saying to him. However Christian’s Father had a good feeling that St Charbel was reassuring him and that everything was going to be just fine.

One day when Christian’s Father was with Christian in his hospital room, a doctor come and spoke to Christian’s Father and explained to him that Christian was severely disabled and it was very unlikely Christian would ever become normal again. The doctor then explained to Christian’s Father the option to remove and stop all the medication and machines and to let Christian die slowly. Christian’s father did not agree with this option and told the doctor to leave the room immediately.

Christian’s weight after a month and a half in intensive care was 27 kg because he did not eat, drink or exercise properly due to his severe disability and to add to his bad situation Christian had no strength to fight various viruses and bacteria which attacked his immune system.

On the 6th of September Several doctors had another meeting with Christian’s parents and they explained that they could not do anything more to help Christian and they would send him to a nursing home where Christian will learn again how to swallow, eat, talk and walk to just name a few. Christian’s parents refused this option and Christian’s mother told the doctor’s that she would take care of Christian at their own house. The doctors agreed with Christian’s Mother and they started to look for carers and equipment to help Christian’s Mother to take care of Christian at their own house.

On the 9th of September a doctor came into Christian’s hospital room to do their daily check up and they found Christian completely conscious and back to normal health. The doctor could not believe what he was seeing and he called several other doctor’s to witness Christians miraculous recovery. The doctor in charge of Christian walked in his hospital room and saw that Christian had fully recovered and then asked Christian a few questions to see if he was doing well and back to normal. After the doctor questioned and witnessed Christian’s full recovery, the doctor walked out of his hospital room in shock and crying because he had witnessed a miracle.

The doctor’s carried out a final brain test and examination before Christian left the hospital and the brain scan revealed that the lack of oxygen in the three different places in Christian’s brain had healed and the oxygen was passing in these three different places perfectly and normally. Christian then left the hospital and was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital where he attended a few physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy tests and examinations which he completed successfully. Christian has now returned to university to complete his certificate in accounting and his health is perfect and back to normal.