St Charbel heals Fatima a Muslim lady from cancer in Lebanon.

Fatima is a married Muslim lady with five children living in Lebanon. Fatima went to her doctor for a routine medical test and the results indicated that she had cancer and was advised by her doctor to immediately undergo chemotherapy to reduce and remove the cancer.

Fatima told her doctor she wanted to discuss her cancer and treatment with her family and friends before making a final decision. Fatima left the Doctors office and travelled back home and once she arrived home Fatima explained to her family and friends what the doctors had said regarding her cancer. Fatima’s neighbour strongly suggested and encouraged Fatima to visit and pray at St Charbel’s tomb in St Maroun’s Monastery in Annaya, Mount Lebanon to heal her from cancer.

Fatima agreed with her neighbour and she drove to St Charbel’s tomb to pray for her healing from cancer for the sake of her five children which they needed Fatima to feed, clothe and teach them. Fatima arrived at St Charbel’s tomb at 12pm in the night and she began to pray with all heart to St Charbel to heal her from cancer.

As Fatima was praying she saw St Charbel walking towards her and when he approached Fatima he touched and burned her arm to remove the cancer from her body. Once St Charbel finished removing the cancer from Fatima’s body he said to her, “You are healed”. St Charbel left Fatima and walked back towards the Monastery and disappeared in the distance.

Fatima was so surprised and overwhelmed by her experience with St Charbel she quickly drove back home to tell all her family and friends about the miracle St Charbel had performed on her and showed them the burn on her arm were St Charbel removed the cancer.

Fatima then went to her doctor and explained how St Charbel healed her from cancer and showed the doctor the burn on her arm. The doctor was absolutely shocked and stunned by her story and he carried out tests to confirm that the cancer had disappeared from her body. The results from the tests indicated the cancer was no longer in her body and she was in great health. The doctor was so happy for Fatima and said the only way the cancer was removed from your body so quickly was by a miracle.