St Charbel heals Prince Rachid Beik Al Khoury son in Lebanon.

St Charbel lived the last 23 years of his life as a hermit in purity, obedience and humility which he practiced with the utmost love at the St Peter and St Paul hermitage in Annaya, Mount Lebanon.

At the hermitage St Charbel prayed, meditated and attend mass daily, read the bible and scriptures daily, performed manual Labour daily, lived a life in poverty, ate one meal a day which were scraps from the other hermits and monks, carried out penance, practiced corporal punishment, chained himself, mortification of the body, slept on goat’s hair and used a timber log as a pillow which laid directly on the ground, slept less than five hours a day and observed strict silence in order to be as close to God as possible.

God rewarded St Charbel for his continuous commitment and service to him and blessed St Charbel with many talents, graces and filled him with the Holy Spirit which enabled St Charbel to perform many miracles when he was alive.

In 1873, prince Rachid Beik Al Khoury sent a few of his men to the monastery of St Maroun in Annaya, Mount Lebanon to ask a Monk to come to his palace to pray and bless his dying son named Nagibem. Once the Prince’s men arrived to the monastery, they approached the Superior Monk and explained to the him the urgent situation at hand. So the Superior Monk called and sent Father Charbel (St Charbel) to the palace of prince Rachid Beik Al Khoury to pray and bless his son Nagibem who was dying of typhus.

Typhus is an infectious disease caused by several species of rickettsia which is transmitted by lice and fleas and characterised by acute prostration, headache and apeculiar eruption of reddish spots on the body.

Many doctors and specialists had tested, examined and operated on Nagibem but held little hope for him to survive because the typhus had spread so much in his body that it was virtually impossible to reduce or eliminate the typhus.

Once Father Charbel (St Charbel) arrived at the prince’s palace he was warmly greeted by the prince and then he started to pray on Nagibem, sprinkled holy water on him, burnt some incense and then gave him a final blessing.

A few moments later after the final blessing all the people in the room started to notice Nagibem skin was returning back to its natural colour, his body started to regain strength and he began to eat and drink normally.

The prince and all the people in the room were shocked and amazed in Nagibem’s transformation and healing and they all thanked and praised Father Charbel (St Charbel) for his miracle. Father Charbel (St Charbel) quietly said thank you, packed his equipment in his bag and then returned back to the monastery.