St Charbel appears to a lady with cancer in Lebanon

A Lady who works at a hospital in Lebanon was diagnosed with late stage cancer which spread throughout her body and was close to death.

At the hospital she underwent many tests, examinations and chemotherapy to stop the cancer from spreading even more in her body and to hopefully remove the cancer. After a few treatments and operations, the lady’s body was not responding to well and her health was slowly deteriorating and worsening.

One night the lady had a dream that St Charbel appeared to her and he said to her that he will comfort her from cancer because her faith in Jesus was strong and she was a good lady. St Charbel then prayed over her and gave her a final blessing before he left the lady’s dream.

When the lady woke up the next morning, she saw an oil like figure in the shape of St Charbel’s head and body on her hospital bed sheets. The lady was absolutely happy and joyful that St Charbel left his image on her hospital bed sheets.

The lady immediately called the hospital doctors and nurses to witness the oil like figure of St Charbel’s head and body. The doctors and nurses were surprised and stunned by the oil like figure on the hospital bed sheets.

The news of St Charbel appearing to the lady spread very fast in Lebanon and people started to visit the lady in the hospital to witness and touch the oil like figure of St Charbel head and body to obtain a blessing.