St Charbel Heals Elio From Cancer In Lebanon

Elio was born a healthy baby boy and was very active like all other babies his age. One day Elio woke up sick with a high fever so his parents took him to the doctor to carry out tests and examinations to determine what was wrong with him. The results from the tests and examinations showed Elio was suffering from more than just a high fever and the doctor immediately referred Elio to a specialist at the hospital to carry out more tests to determine what was wrong with Elio.

Elio’s parents immediately took Elio to the specialist at the hospital which he proceeded to carry out tests and examinations. The results confirmed Elio had a rare and late stage cancer and there was no chance to reduce or remove the cancer.

Elio’s parents were saddened and devastated by the news but they put their faith and trust in St Charbel to heal Elio from cancer. Elio’s parents started praying very hard and drove Elio to St Elias Church in Jieta in Lebanon to sleep a few nights there. While they were praying inside St Elias Church a Nun approached Elio’s parents and said, “Take this cotton with St Charbel’s blood on it and rub it on Elio’s body and St Charbel will heal your son”. Elio’s parents thanked the Nun greatly and rubbed the cotton with St Charbel blood on Elio’s body.

Once Elio and his parents finished sleeping a few nights at the church they took Elio back to the hospital to continue his medication and treatment. One night while Elio’s mum was sleeping next to Elio in his hospital room, she dreamed St Charbel walked into the hospital room and began to pray over Elio. Elio’s mum kindly asked St Charbel to help and heal Elio from his late stage cancer because he was suffering greatly and it was her only child. St Charbel turned to Elio’s mum and said, “Do not be afraid, I will heal Elio from his cancer and he will return to good health”. Elio’s mum fell on her knees to kiss St Charbel’s feet to thank him for healing her son. St Charbel lifted Elio’s mum up from the floor and said, “Don’t kiss my feet, do not worry Elio will be fine, your faith has healed him”.

Two days after the appearance of St Charbel in Elio’s mum dream, doctors carried out routine tests and examinations on Elio to check on his cancer progress. To the great surprise of the doctors, the test results showed the rare and late stage cancer had disappeared from Elio’s body and he was in good health. Elio’s parents were over joyed and delighted by the test results and praised and thanked St Charbel for listening to their prayers and healing their son from cancer.