St Charbel heals Hanna Jabbour from cancer in Venezuela, South America.

Hanna Jabbour is a 17 year old boy from Venezuela, South America. One day Hanna noticed many red spots on his leg so he decided to visit the doctor to get tested to see what the red spots were. The doctor examined and carried out a blood test to determine what the red spots were on Hanna’s leg. Once the doctor finished the blood test he said to Hanna to go home and come in the next morning to get the results. The next day Hanna came back to the doctor to get the results of the blood test and the doctor said to Hanna to immediately go to the specialist because he might have cancer in the blood.

Hanna immediately went to see the specialist and he told Hanna that he had to go into the intensive care unit of hospital for more tests and examinations because his doctor’s report indicated his blood was very bad and weak. So Hanna arrived at the intensive care unit and the doctors carried out many tests and examinations to determine what was wrong with Hanna. Once the tests and examinations were complete, the results indicated that Hanna had blood cancer and he would not survive more that six months. His parents could not believe the results and were very sad. Hanna’s mother gave him the rosary to pray every night and put photos of Jesus and Mother Mary next to his hospital bed to assist him in his operation and chemotherapy sessions.

Hanna was in hospital for 20 days when his uncle came to visit him and he gave Hanna a photo of St Charbel. Hanna’s uncle said that that this photo is from St Peter and St Paul Hermitage in Annaya, Mount Lebanon were St Charbel used to pray, meditate, Labour and sleep. Hanna rely appreciated the photo from his uncle and put it under his pillow. Every night once Hanna’s visitors left the hospital at 9pm, He prayed the rosary and prayed to St Charbel for his healing from blood cancer.

One night Hanna’s dad slept in the same hospital room as Hanna to give him moral support and guidance. During the night Hanna woke up from his sleep and he felt something very cold on his back and woke his dad up from his sleep to see what it was. So Hanna’s dad got up out of his bed and lifted Hanna’s shirt up to see what was cold on his back. Hanna’s dad noticed the photo of St Charbel stuck on his back with fresh blood on it. Hanna’s dad could not believe what he saw and pulled the St Charbel photo off his back to see if Hanna was bleeding but to his surprise Hanna’s back was clear from any cuts or bruises.

Hanna’s dad called his Priest straight away and told him what just happened. The Priest arrived at the hospital within one hour and he saw the St Charbel photo with fresh blood on it and he could not believe what he was seeing. The Priest advised Hanna’s dad not to show the photo to anyone just yet but to call the doctors to carry out urgent tests on Hanna to see if he still has blood cancer.

Hanna’s dad spoke to the doctors in the morning and said he wanted to carry out new tests on Hanna to see if he still had blood cancer in his body. The doctor’s agreed and carried out the tests and examinations on Hanna. After two days the doctors came into Hanna’s room with his results and said with great surprise that the blood cancer in Hanna had disappeared from his body.

After the results were announced and Hanna was cancer free, Hanna told all his family and friends about the blood on his St Charbel’s photo and how St Charbel healed him from his blood cancer. The news surprised all his family and friends and they all started to take their religion more seriously and prayed to God and St Charbel on a regular basis. The news of St Charbel miracle on Hanna spread throughout Venezuela and the world and many people visited Hanna to witness the St Charbel photo with the blood on it.