St Charbel heals Hilani Abi Khalil from a cyst in Baskinta, Mount Lebanon. 

Hilani Abi Khalil was born on February 1, 1951 and lives in Baskinta, Mount Lebanon which is a very quiet and beautiful village surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature. Hilani was born into a modest family and lives a happy and healthy life in Lebanon enjoying every precious moment with family and friends.

In May 1996, Hilani noticed a lump on her left hand which she didn’t take too much notice of. As months passed by the lump on Hilani’s left hand became bigger and bigger until one day when Hilani was at work sewing she felt a strong pain in her left hand. The pain was so severe it travelled up to her elbow and her skin started to turn blue in colour.

Hilani immediately left work and went to see her doctor to see what was causing her left hand to experience so much pain. As Hilani arrived at the doctor’s office, he carried out some tests and examinations and found that Hilani had a cyst in her left hand.

A cyst are abnormal, closed sac-like structures within a tissue that contain a liquid, gaseous, or semisolid substance. Cysts can occur anywhere in the body and can vary in size. The outer, or capsular, portion of a cyst is termed the cyst wall.

The doctor told Hilani that she needed to operate immediately to remove the cyst from her left hand so she can relieve the pain she is experiencing. Hilani agreed and the doctor began to operate on her left hand. After the operation the doctor told Hilani to rest her left hand and not to attend work for one month so her left hand can have time to recover and come back to normal.

After staying home for one month to recover from the operation, Hilani went back to work and started sewing as normal. On her first day back at work she started to experience the same severe pain on her left hand and had difficulty in sewing.

Hilani completed her first day at work and then she went straight to church to pray and ask St Charbel to heal her left hand. As Hilani arrived to the church she knelt down in front of the altar and prayed to St Charbel and said “please St Charbel heal my hand from this pain, I don’t want to go to the doctor again. You are my doctor St Charbel”.

As soon as Hilani finished saying this prayer, St Charbel appeared to her and said, “Open your hand”. Hilani opened her hand and St Charbel started to remove the bandage from her left hand and then placed the bandage on the seat next to Hilani. Then St Charbel said to Hilani, “I’m going to heal your left hand by removing the cyst and your hand will come back to normal”. Then St Charbel gently held Hilani’s left hand, prayed over her left hand and then gave her a final blessing. St Charbel then gently released Hilani’s left hand after the final blessing, turned around and started to walk away from her and then disappeared.

Once St Charbel disappeared, Hilani touched and moved her hand to see if it was healed by St Charbel. Hilani immediately noticed her left hand had no more pain and she was able to move her hand normally without any restrictions.

A short time after Hilani’s miracle from St Charbel, she noticed incense forming on the top of her left hand were the cyst was and then started to fall off her left hand onto the ground. The incense that was forming on Hilani’s hand was created by St Charbel so people would believe Hilani when she explained to them how St Charbel appeared to her and the miracle he performed to heal her left hand.

Hilani immediately went to show the Monks at the St Maroun’s Monastery in Annaya, Mount Lebanon. This monastery was were St Charbel used to pray, Labour, meditate and sleep when he was alive. Once Hilani arrived at the monastery, she had a meeting with the Superior Monk and told him about the appearance of St Charbel, her miracle and the incense coming out of her left hand. The Superior Monk was so happy and excited to see that St Charbel healed Hilani from her cyst and then he started the process of investigating and examining the miracle and incense coming out of Hilani’s left hand.

After this first meeting, the Superior Monk scheduled a second meeting with Hilani to see her at her home to ask her further questions and to pray. A few days later the Superior Monk arrived at Hilani’s house to ask her a few more questions about her left hand, the appearance of St Charbel to her, the miracle that St Charbel performed on her and the incense coming out of her hand. Once the questioning had concluded, the Superior Monk and Hilani started to pray to thank St Charbel for healing Hilani. As they were praying, incense started to form on Hilani’s left hand and started to drop on the floor in front of everyone that was in the room. Once this occurred, the Superior Monk was surprised and shocked in what was happening in front of him and immediately believed in Hilani’s miracle. The Superior Monk took samples of the incense that dropped on the floor for further testing and examination.

The Superior Monk took the samples of the incense to France to carry out an independent investigation and report. The results of the investigation indicated that the incense was not man made but from heaven, higher being or Saint.

Hilani was sent to Dr Pierre in Lebanon to examine and remove the incense from her left hand. After the operation, Dr Pierre was surprised to see the incense grew back more thicker and bigger on her left hand. Hilani was sent to another doctor in Lebanon to examine and remove the incense from her hand. As the doctor was about to operate on Hilani’s hand, some greater power or being was telling him not remove the incense from Hilani’s hand, so the doctor stopped the operation and Hilani returned home.

Hilani was then taken to Rome for further investigation and to carry out an operation to totally remove the incense from her hand. The operation was carried out by the best doctors and specialists which they totally removed the incense from her left hand and then bandaged her hand to cover the wound of the operation. As soon as the doctors finished bandaging Hilani’s left hand, incense started to form on her left hand and drop on the floor in front of all the doctors and specialists that were in the room. The doctors and specialists were absolutely stunned and shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them.

Hilani returned back to Lebanon after the operation in Rome and she went to her church and prayed to thank Jesus and St Charbel for healing her hand. As Hilani was praying, she saw a vision of Jesus with plenty of blood coming from his head and body. Jesus said to Hilani, “can you carry my pain, suffering and wounds?”, Hilani responded, “yes I can, it will be my honour to do so”. Soon after Hilani said yes, the wounds of Jesus started to appear on her head, hands and feet.

The news of Hilani miracle and wounds spread all over Lebanon and the world and people started come to her village to witness her miracle and wounds see received from St Charbel and Jesus. Hilani’s miracle has been approved and recorded in St Maroun’s Monastery in Annaya, Mount Lebanon and still to this present day the incense on her left hand and wounds on her head, hands and feet are still visible.