St Charbel heals Laudy Yammouni’s back in Hasroun, North Lebanon

Laudy Yammouni was born and lives in Melbourne Australia with her parents, two sisters and one brother. Laudy’s parents migrated to Australia from North Lebanon about 50 years ago.

In April / May 2004, Laudy and her two sisters booked a trip to Europe and Lebanon to explore all the beautiful sights, landscapes and history of the various countries they had booked to go to.

A few weeks prior to their departure Laudy suffers a slipped disc in her back and her situation worsened to the point where she could barely walk and was always in excruciating and bad pain. Laudy’s doctors advised her that she would require risky surgery in order to help improve her condition so Laudy contemplated having the surgery after her overseas trip. Despite her condition Laudy was eager to travel as she had wanted to visit Lourdes in France and insisted that they go ahead with their trip as planned. On their departure from Melbourne Laudy was in a wheelchair and could not walk.

Laudy and her two sisters toured France and Italy but they were very concerned about Laudy’s wellbeing as her condition worsened each day whilst overseas. Laudy’s sisters had seriously considered returning to Australia from Italy but Laudy insisted she wanted to go to Lebanon because it will be her first time to her homeland.

On their arrival in Lebanon Laudy and her two sisters stayed with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Hasroun, North Lebanon. Within a few days of their arrival their relatives drove Laudy to St Charbel’s village where he was born in Bekaa Kafra, North Lebanon to celebrate St Charbel’s Birthday which is on the 8th of May. Laudy’s sisters walked with a group of parishioners from Hasroun to Bekaa Kafra and would eventually meet up with Laudy in Bekaa kafra. When Laudy arrived in Bekaa kafra she was overwhelmed by its beauty and serenity and the vibrant atmosphere of the village when celebrating St Charbel’s birthday. Laudy and her sisters were absolutely surprised by the natural beauty of Lebanon in general.

Within a week of visiting St Charbel’s village  in Bekaa Kafra, North Lebanon, Laudy encountered a beautiful and unforgettable experience through the Divine intervention of St Charbel. Laudy had awoken from her sleep one night to find St Charbel standing beside her bed and praying over her and moving his divine hands over Laudy’s body as he was blessing her. Laudy could not believe that she had been blessed by St Charbel’s presence.

In the morning Laudy woke to find that she had been fully cured and was walking as per normal and she was no longer in pain. That morning, to everyone’s amazement, Laudy even carried her cousin’s child in her arms, something she could not do previously upon their arrival in Lebanon. Laudy was no longer wheelchair bound and found that she was living her life as she had prior to her bad back condition.

When Laudy and her sisters returned to Australia from Lebanon, Laudy went to visit her doctor to show him her healed back. The doctor was absolutely amazed and shocked at Laudy’s sudden recovery from her slipped disc in her back and he said the only way she could have fully recovered was to have the risky surgery to fix her back.