St Charbel heals Nehmen BouMujahid a Druze man from a serious accident in Chouf, Mount Lebanon.

Nehmen BouMujahid a seventy year old Druze man was admitted to hospital after falling from a height of eight metres while he was at his field which is located far away from his village. The damage from the accident included six broken ribs and severe bruising to his head. As a result Nehmen was unable to sleep lying down on his bed because his ribs would place pressure on his lungs causing severe pain and discomfort. Nehmen would have to sleep sitting down on his chair to reduce the unbearable pain.

On February 21, 2015, at Ayn El-Waz Hospital in Chouf, Mount Lebanon, St Charbel visited Nehmen in his hospital room. Nehmen has never heard or seen St Charbel in his life and asked St Charbel when he entered his room, “who are you?”, St Charbel answered, “didn’t you recognise me?”.

St Charbel then said to Nehmen, “Are you in pain?” Nehmen answered, “Yes”. Then St Charbel picked up a metal rod and pointed it at Nehmen’s broken ribs and prayed over Nehmeh. St Charbel then removed the pain from Nehmen’s ribs onto the metal rod which began to stain and cover the metal rod with Nehmen’s blood. St Charbel then told Nehmen that his pain in his ribs had been removed and he was back to good health. Immediately Nehmen felt healthy and was able to lie down on his hospital bed without feeling any pain. St Charbel then left the Hospital room once he performed the miracle.

Nehmen did not tell his family, friends and doctor’s what had happened because they might think he had become delusional or mentally ill. Nehmen returned home from hospital and slept in his bed perfectly without any pain or suffering. After a while Nehmen gained the courage to start enquiring and asking questions about St Charbel and wanted to explain the miracle which happened to him.

Nehmen’s first question he asked his family was, “who is St Charbel?” Nehmen’s family responded, “Why do you ask?” Then Nehmen told his family about how St Charbel visited him in his hospital room and healed him from his broken ribs and severe bruising on his head. Nehmen’s family were so surprised and happy that St Charbel had healed their father. Then Nehmen’s family told him all about St Charbel history, miracles he has performed and various photos. Nehmen always cry’s tears of joy whenever he explains to family and friends the appearance and miracle performed by St Charbel on him.

The miracle on Nehmen had a great impact on his life and it has changed his life forever. Nehmen placed pictures of St Charbel in all the rooms in his house, especially in his bedroom. Then Nehmen asked his family to take him to the tomb of St Charbel in St Maroun’s Monastery in Annaya, Mount Lebanon every week. During Nehmen’s first visit to the monastery he learned so much about St Charbel’s history and miracles.

While Nehmen was touring the monastery and learning more about St Charbel, he saw a photo of St Charbel in a white gown, when he took a closer look at the photo, he was stunned and said, “This is St Charbel who I saw at the hospital wearing the same white gown.” This photo confirmed the identity of St Charbel he saw at the hospital.