St Charbel heals Rahaf Al Halabawi a Muslim girl with brain cancer In Lebanon

Rahaf Al Halabawi is a five year old Muslim girl from Al-Nabi Shayth, Bekaa Valley in Lebanon suffering from a severe brain cancer and affected her way of life in every way, shape and form.

Doctors had advised Rahaf’s parents that she will only live a couple of months and if she has an operation to remove the brain cancer there was a very high possibility she might die due to medical complications.

Rahaf’s father Muhammad Ali Al-Halabawi got extremely scared by the dangerous operation which might result in the death of his daughter. On April 22, 2014 Muhammad took his daughter to St Charbel’s Church in Zahle, Bekaa Valley in Lebanon to attend Mass Service and placed his faith in St Charbel to heal his daughter from brain cancer. Muhammad prayed with all his heart for St Charbel to intercede and heal his daughter.

While Muhammad was praying in the Church, St Charbel appeared to him and said, “Your prayers have been accepted, do not be scared by the operation, let Rahaf do it and she will be healed one hundred per cent.”

Muhammad was surprised by St Charbel’s appearance and immediately drove his daughter to the hospital to remove the brain cancer. The doctors accepted and proceeded with the operation to remove the highly dangerous brain cancer. Once the doctors had completed the operation they were surprised by the results of the operation by removing the brain cancer with ease and no medical complications. After the operation Rahaf returned to excellent health and enjoying her time with family and friends.

Muhammad returned to St Charbel’s Church in Zahle to say thank you to St Charbel for accepting his prayers and said to the Priest and all the people in the Church, “St Charbel is for everyone, and the Church is for everyone, believe, believe, believe”.