St Charbel heals Stephanie Serrano from cancer in Arizona, America.

Stephanie lives in Arizona, America and she went to her doctor to carry out a routine mammogram and tests to see if she had any cancer in her body. The results from the tests and examinations indicated that Stephanie had breast cancer. The doctors carried out more medical tests on Stephanie to determine the stage and size of her breast cancer and to also determine if she had cancer in other parts of her body. The results indicated that Stephanie had stage 2 cancer in her breast and stage 4 cancer in her spine and pelvis area. Stephanie was absolutely sad and devastated by the results of the medical tests.

After Stephanie finished from the doctor’s appointment, she went to pray at her the St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Arizona, America so Jesus and Our Mother Mary can heal her from cancer. While she was praying at the Church Stephanie found it was the feast day of St Charbel which is celebrated on the 24th of July. After the mass was finished the priest blessed Stephanie and prayed for her healing from cancer. Stephanie’s family and friends then began to pray the St Charbel novena so he can heal her from cancer and bring her back to good health and happiness.

Stephanie’s friend gave Stephanie blessed oil, robe and dvd from St Charbel tomb at St Maroun’s Monastery in Annaya, Mount Lebanon to help heal her from cancer. This monastery is were St Charbel used to pray, meditate, Labour and sleep. Stephanie’s friend also gave Stephanie a piece of cloth which has the blood of Nohad El Shami who was healed by St Charbel which Stephanie’s friend received the cloth while she was attending a procession at St Maroun’s Monastery in Annaya, Mount Lebanon which is held on the 22nd of each month to commemorate the miracle performed by St Charbel on Nohad El Shami.

Stephanie’s placed the cloth which had Nohad’s blood on it on her chest and prayed very hard to St Charbel to heal her from cancer. Stephanie then decided to go on a pilgrimage to a few holy sites around the world which included Our Lady of Lourdes in Fatima. Stephanie prayed with all her heart at each holy site to heal her from cancer and to return back to good health. After her pilgrimage, Stephanie returned back home and travelled to the hospital to do more tests, examinations and MRI scans. The results of the medical tests indicated that the cancer was still in her body, however the doctor told her to come back after a few days to do one more test before she started chemotherapy.

A few days later Stephanie returned to the hospital to do more tests, scans and ultrasounds to determine what treatment needs to be carried out to reduce and remove her cancer. To the doctor’s surprise and shock, the cancer could not be located in her body. Another specialist also carried out a new test to locate the cancer and to his disbelief he could not find or located the cancer in Stephanie’s body. The doctor and specialist said to Stephanie you are free to go home and enjoy the rest of life because your cancer has disappeared.